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The priority of tourism policies in any given area is that of increasing the number of tourists, the average duration of stays and encouraging off-season tourism. This can be carried out through the promotion of new types of vacations and especially through the development of both popular and unknown areas and by making cultural, religious, crafts, technological, sporting, environmental and wine and food itineraries attractive through integrated marketing projects. Protec is specialized in the study and preparation of personalized interactive road signs, augmented reality and the placing of enticing images in strategic places. This helps tourists who already have an organized itinerary as well as those who are adventurous and prefer to wander around and be drawn in by a sign which stimulates their imagination. Itineraries aimed at thematic experiences for tourists are in this way made accessible as they are virtual digital systems which are then portrayed by physical signs and therefore make for an easy-to-use itinerary for those following it. We are currently promoting projects with the Società Geografica Italiana, Consorzio Roma Ricerche and l'Isnart.

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Italian Design, International Reliability

Protec works both in Italy as well as abroad and highlights the innovation and excellence of “Made in Italy” design in large-scale projects which translate into products of higher quality. This is the only true guarantee of success and competitive advantage. The environmental factor is the element which, more than any other, defines a modern project standard and unites practicality and long-term reliability in every product with superior eco-compatibility of materials and production processes: it is no coincidence that Protec mainly utilizes extruded aluminum and aluminum fusion and directly follows each and every phase of production. The materials and systems of assembly and disassembly follow the recycling principles of the entire plant.


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Quality and innovation in institutional messages


Vertical Board

Vertical Board, awarded in 2004 with the European Alluminium Award, is still today an avant-garde solution within this sector: the innovative design is the ideal choice for those seeking visual impact and efficiency of road signs without sacrificing an excellent quality-price ratio. In this line we have another consolidated success: the revolutionary Dual Board installation which uses the same materials but which is made up of a double panel which can display both the company’s message as well as one of public administration.


Compared to traditional installations for 6×3 posters, Landmark introduces greater application flexibility thanks to its use of different supports of the advertisement message according to the needs of the client and the requested time of display: from classic paper posters to PVC tarpaulins and rigid panels. A further evolution compared to classic installations is that of choosing between mono-facial, bifacial or V based on the characteristics and visual angle of the site where the installation is found.


Underline is the tridimensional underlining of road signs. This is a unique product in its field and pays revolutionary attention to every single detail: a slanted stainless steel tube underlines the image and enhances its impact also from a great distance, while giving the message added value. It was chosen by Inarch for the “Landscape: the new creation” campaign.


This is the most economically convenient line proposed by Protec, a midway between fiberglass and the new generation of aluminum and stainless steel installations. It is aimed at businesses which do not require excessive images but still wish to maintain the reliability and quality offered by Protec as well as the same characteristics of practicability, originality and modernity and its unique quality-cost ratio in the sector.


This line, compared to traditional iron/aluminum road sign installations, introduces a modern visual indication standard as well as solid technology with new technical and mechanical solutions including anti-vandalism. Highway is the ideal solution for businesses and companies interested in communicating with road users while improving general esthetics.


This is a simple and essential element which guides the user on walking, horse or bicycle itineraries and with clean lines and personalized colors, it signposts the path like milestones.


Pubbliboard is a new installation for public and private posters and was conceived for positioning in urban centers in order to allow viewing from every side. Functional reliability and esthetics are guaranteed regardless of the frequency of maintenance and safeguards in this way the area and institutional image.

Easy Sign

Road signs are one of the first and most popular “business cards” which an area can offer: endorsing them as much as possible means substantially improving the area’s image; effective signs mean guaranteeing higher standards of safety on our roads.

City Sign

Road signs in cities, considering the number of them on every corner, can only be considered as an element of design which must be integrated with the environment which surrounds them. With this in mind, City Sign offers the possibility of giving information to road users through a well-finished sign which is esthetically pleasing from every angle and offers precautions against acts of vandalism.


Protec’s philosophy is based on research as a real principle and essential requirement for every project in order to propose ever more innovative solutions of higher quality. This is the only way of guaranteeing success and real competitive advantages to the final client as well as to the company itself. The respect for the environment in Protec’s projects also allows for the installations to be perfectly integrated esthetically within the surrounding space, in line with the concept that the landscape in continuously evolving, through these communication infrastructures.
Trials of the product and every single piece are carried out through the realization of 3-dimensional models and based on legal obligations in force. Furthermore, with the same quality procedures and criteria of standard installations (also in the ad hoc planning of logistical needs and specific landscapes), the following planning criteria are maintained:

Practicality of use

The installations are conceived in order to make maintenance and modification extremely fast and simple, a factor which improves safety conditions of installation teams as well as those living in the urban area. Predisposition for accessories: illumination, small telecommunications antenna, light signals, environmental monitoring sensors etc;


The study of detail, the use of noble materials and the industrialization of production processes allow for total reliability of functionality and esthetics with largely reduced maintenance for decades. Protec technology guarantees not only long-term stability and functionality based on legal and practical needs, but also esthetics so that the image of the client is not compromised but especially in respect of the surrounding environment;


The nature of materials used and their assembly allow for total recyclability which is further guaranteed by the attention to safeguarding materials also when reduced to junk (recycled aluminum is valued at roughly 1/3 of the new product).


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Our Services

Design of systems of plants and their location

App Publication

Protec has the expertise to design and develop Mobile Applications enabling facility management. Our company has agreements with major Mobile Companies and this allows control through App for iPhone, iPad & Android.

Installing the structures

For over 20 years, the Protec installation team has worked to set up installations and is trained with particular attention to the quality of the execution, safety and stability of the installations.

Drawing up of the vertical signage plan

Careful planning undoubtedly allows for the reduction in the number of installations through an effective signage system. Planning a coordinated and efficient signage plan is a complex operation aimed at building a communication system which the user will benefit from quickly.  

Choice of elements to place in the area

When choosing products to be placed outdoors, it is necessary to keep in mind the historic and morphological characteristics of the urban fabric, total width of the road, speed limits and the purpose of the road etc. Our team of architects is able to study the area and choose the functional elements based on that place.

Information System

Through a Geographic Information System (GIS) which organizes all geographical elements of the area and the information from the planning of the vertical signage system, it is possible to manage and maintain these in an optimal way also through mobile applications.

European Financing

Protec and its partners monitor competition announcements and prepare documentation in order to apply for funds necessary for achieving the objectives that the PA has set itself in the field of tourism in the area.


Our Factory

Protec is the result of the initiative of a group of professionals with experience of over 10 years in the outdoor sector.

The factory is specialized in the planning of integrated systems of enhancing the area, in the planning and production of advertising billboards, supports of road signage and communication in urban and extra-urban areas as well as the ad hoc planning of installations and integrated signage systems and redevelopment of public and private spaces.

Our objective is that of working in Italy and abroad with enhanced innovation and excellence of Italian design.

Research and avant-garde planning, the use of noble materials, industrial production systems with across-the-board large-scale standards: these are the prerogatives which have allowed Protec to guarantee the constant functional reliability and esthetics of the installations and all visible surfaces for decades.

Quality, design and personalization are imperative for us!

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